Cockpit Domain Controller for a personalized experience

As people increasingly use their journey to telework, surf the web or enjoy music, movies and games, vehicles are becoming an extension of our living and office spaces. We have built on our experience designing infotainment platforms that facilitate today’s connected lifestyles and enhance the onboard experience.

Today’s vehicles have multiple electronic control units for different in-car displays and functions. The challenge for automakers is consolidating these in a way that is easy for people to use and cost-effective for them to implement.

Our Faurecia Clarion Electronics cockpit domain controller reduces this complexity by providing a single system for multi-display management – from infotainment, cluster and heads-up to passenger and proximity displays.

In Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

Enriching and securing the infotainment offer

We offer a scalable platform with a range of features and functionalities for every vehicle category - from basic smartphone mirroring and vehicle networking to the ability to customize services and apps across multiple high-resolution displays in the front and the rear of the cabin. We integrate all the technologies that enable a fully connected onboard experience – from telephony, secure internet access and a variety of embedded or cloud-based media content to in-vehicle gaming experiences.

Our solutions are designed with usability in mind, with intuitive HMI technologies allowing occupants to interact by touch, gesture or voice to manage entertainment, seating or thermal comfort options. For a seamless home to car experience, we can also integrate virtual personal assistants such as Alexa, Xiaodu, Alice and Google on board. We provide the flexibility to personalize and upgrade the cockpit environment as different use cases evolve. Our solutions are ready for serial production and have already been integrated in different configurations.

The single system-on-a-chip architecture of our Cockpit Domain Controller (CDC) makes it easy to harmonize displays as well as upgrade software and firmware over the air. It uses a dedicated hypervisor to manage multiple operating systems, maintaining a reliable separation of safety and infotainment domains. We bring extensive experience in the automotive Android environment to simplify the development and integration of apps and services.

Our CDC is designed with multiple hardware and software security protections compliant with the relevant Automotive Safety Integrity Levels. As part of our security-by-design approach, we are applying state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures to ensure passenger safety, data security and the integrity of the vehicle and its operations, across all internal and external network connections.


Through extensive UX research and testing, we have developed a scalable multi- view graphical interface called “Quadview”. This eliminates confusing menu structures, making it simpler to switch between options, and easier to manage onboard services. To reduce driver distraction, our technology uses priority management when resizing windows. It will, for example, preserve key control icons, from temperature or volume controls for adjustments to HVAC or audio settings. It also allows users to organize their most frequently used apps or services by simply dragging and dropping them into an easy to access series of options on the top of the display screen.

Rear Seat in-vehicle infotainment systems

Rear Seat in-vehicle infotainment systems for a more individual and interactive experience

The rise of shared mobility is driving new design approaches to improve entertainment throughout the cabin. What’s important is making it simple for users to connect and interact as well as to continue their viewing or gaming activities from home to car. Managed by our CDC, our rear seat entertainment system gives back seat passengers control over their onboard multimedia activities.


Rear seat infortainmentIndividuals can choose from a range of preloaded entertainment options, plug and play personal content from handheld devices or securely download popular video on demand, music, productivity and gaming apps, all with full digital rights management. Integrated cameras support videocalling, road view visualization and videocam monitoring of children in the back, connected to the head unit or smartphone for full parental control.

Powered by a dedicated automotive set-top box with dual Android capability, our solution allows automakers to deliver a premium entertainment experience, drawing on Faurecia’s integration expertise – embedding high definition displays in seating, providing private sound zones for each occupant and creating an intuitive HMI.

Universal / Remote radio tuner

Universal / Remote radio tuner for worldwide radio reception

When you’re developing vehicles on global platforms for multiple markets, it can require three different hardware designs to cover worldwide radio standards. Our universal remote tuner is an all-in-one software-based solution that brings best-in-class radio reception in addition to an outstanding audio experience.

Combining radio software tuning in a compact design with lightweight cabling, we make it easier and more cost-effective for automakers to integrate and upgrade their worldwide radio coverage. Our solution provides high quality AM/FM, DAB, DAB+, DRM, DRM+, CDR, web radio, HD Radio and uses state-of-the-art processing algorithms for fast and accurate channel scanning and seamless switching.

Key technologies
Smart remote tuner (standalone or pre-integrated in our CDC)
Apps store

Unlimited access to a complete media suite thanks to our extensive apps market

App storeAs cars become an extension of people’s digital lifestyles, automakers need a cost-effective and secure way to provide a range of in-vehicle services and apps. In partnership with Aptoide, we have an Android-based library of apps covering navigation, music or video on demand, social networking, communication, productivity and gaming that automakers can use to customize and enrich their onboard infotainment offer.

Developed with over 50 strategic partners, it brings an extensive choice of one million apps, all with automotive industry standard license agreements and full over-the-air lifecycle management. It provides an independent and alternative channel to other well-known automotive service marketplaces, allowing automakers to tailor and monetize their services offer, including developing their own country specific or vehicle-centric apps.