Highly customizable advanced display solutions

Display technologies, the nerve center of the Cockpit of the Future, are the main interface through which vehicle occupants manage and adjust their onboard experience. Advanced display technologies, connected to electronics integrated throughout the vehicle, transform the user experience and make for safer, more intuitive, and more pleasant mobility.

Faurecia's cockpit architecture and interior integration expertise, alongside its global industrialization capabilities, strengthen its display technology offer, in particular for extra-large (pillar-to-pillar), complex or curved displays.

Integrating and customizing advanced displays solutions

Integrating and customizing advanced displays solutions for a seamless onboard experience

Display integration is a key factor in the onboard HMI configuration, and an essential element for creating a more immersive and intuitive user experience. Displays are rapidly evolving to support new modes and applications, while integrating peripheral functions, such as lighting, to give seamless access to driver information, infotainment and in-vehicle controls. Display sizes are increasing and bring the challenge of addressing multiple requirements from electronics, cockpit architecture to safety and decoration. From small, medium to large and multiple displays, multimodal HMI platforms to smart lighting systems, Faurecia Clarion Electronics takes a holistic approach to cockpit design to bring drivers and passengers a safe, intuitive and more pleasant mobility experience.

displayFCE's displays aim to give automakers the freedom to customize vehicle interiors through large pillar-to-pillar display surfaces (up to 1.5m). Faurecia’s acquisition of CovaTech, a specialist in optical bonding, brings innovative ways to develop next-generation displays. Integrating the software solutions of the recently acquired IRYSTec optimize visibility and enhance user experience. Solutions benefit from Faurecia's in-house expertise, core production competences in electronics, cockpit architecture, display technologies and integration to deliver high-resolution images and interactive surfaces.

With a focus on ergonomy, safety and aesthetics, FCE integrates a variety of features across displays and surfaces such as tactile interfaces, haptic interactivity and 3D shaped surface displays enabling intuitive operation and immediate user understanding. The Business Group's R&D is connected to an ecosystem of advanced technology partners across Asia.

Key technologies
Large Display surface (up to 1.5m, Flat & Curved)
Immersive display (index/color Matching, Advanced backlighting)
Interactive display (Touch, Force sensing, Active/Passive Haptic)
Any shape optical bonding
Optimized integration processes

Optimized integration processes for display sharpness

Covatech, a specialist in optical bonding, has optimized display integration and manufacturing processes, improving sharpness and clarity regardless of the size and shape of display surfaces.

Acquired by Faurecia in 2019, Covatech's expertise in display integration also expands Faurecia's industrial capacity, allowing it to build on Covatech's footprint in the Asian market. Covatech is an essential component of Faurecia's Cockpit of the Future strategy and offer for premium and mass market segments, giving OEMs greater design freedom while ensuring high-quality display technologies.

Display software

Enhancing user experience with display software

In July 2020 Faurecia announced the acquisition of Canadian start-up IRYSTec, which developed the world’s first software platform that uses perception and physiology to optimize the user experience for display systems.

IRYStec’s software solution adapts displays to the driver’s vision and the ambient light, giving a safer and more comfortable user experience in a range of driving and lighting conditions. This technology, which is adaptable to all display types and sizes, gives up to 30% better perceived brightness and contrast as well as up to 30% greater energy efficiency and reduced thermal heating. As carmakers seek to provide their customers a connected and intuitive experience in the Cockpit of the Future, this breakthrough solution adds a unique capacity for customization to display technologies.