Immersive experiences that enhance time spent on the move

Tomorrow’s on-board experience will be shaped by how well we can tailor the cockpit to the needs and desires of each occupant on their journey. From cameras and sensors, monitoring systems to technologies integrated across seats, surfaces and structure, Faurecia Clarion Electronics enables the vehicle to provide a more immersive experience, personalized around each individual’s safety, comfort and wellbeing.

Sound systems and branded audio solutions

Sound systems and branded audio solutions

To enhance the sound experience wherever you are in the cabin and whatever type of music you are listening to, we provide a range of scalable systems managed by a sound domain controller that links advanced audio algorithms to the car’s audio infrastructure – from speakers, sound headrests and seat-based bass to surface activation technologies.

Using in-house expertise and working with high-end audio brands, we’ve focused on enhancing natural listening conditions, improving audio, media and telephony quality and output. By embedding a new class of exciter technologies into the vehicle’s surfaces (interior trims, structural parts and/or windscreens), we have created a speakerless solution that delivers an immersive sound experience across the cabin. Activating surfaces reduces the required packaging space by 70% compared to traditional speakers, giving automakers more design freedom and bringing a 60% weight saving.



Shared travel makes people value a sense of personal space. Targeting sound to each occupant separately enhances privacy and the audio experience for all.

In creating private audio zones, we have integrated speakers and microphones into headrests that provide high quality audio close to the ear and are linked to actuators that deliver low-frequency vibrations in the seat, reinforcing the immersive sound experience.



We have focused on all the active and passive elements across the cockpit that contribute to quieter mobility for a more peaceful, focused and relaxing journey. In private audio zones, we provide dynamic local active noise control, drastically reducing external noise and helping reduce fatigue. Faurecia also offers a full software and system design for engine and road noise control across the cockpit. Capable of bringing acoustic reduction of up to 18dB, these solutions can be integrated after start of production to improve audio comfort and user experience.

Key technologies
Active Noise control
Exciters for sound surfaces
Digital sound tuning
Sound and smart headrest
Occupant Monitoring Systems

Occupant Monitoring Systems for safety and wellbeing

Over the coming years vehicles will need to address a range of important safety concerns, from monitoring driver fatigue or distraction and ensuring children aren’t left locked in a vehicle to verifying driver readiness to take back control in autonomous vehicles. We provide the hardware and software components that work together to monitor a vehicle’s driver and occupants and provide relevant alerts and other onboard services.

Occupant monitoringOur end-to-end solution senses, analyzes and acts to improve safety and driving experience. Monitoring systems link sensing technologies with the computational power of an electronic control unit (ECU) that processes and analyzes data on the driver context and car environment from multiple camera or sensor applications, and launches various actions. These range from alerting the driver, adjusting individual ventilation, heating or postural comfort, to providing seat-based massage or targeted noise control.

Our solutions are built on a scalable architecture that can integrate a range of different onboard cameras (near infrared, thermal), radars or biometric sensors that address multiple use cases. This allows automakers to maximize their technology investment through solutions that meet evolving safety requirements as well as providing data to enhance users’ onboard comfort.

We support automakers from full camera and sensor systems to standalone software managing multiple situations: multi-person detection, driver identification, distraction and drowsiness monitoring, gesture analysis, emotional assessment and health monitoring.

Key technologies
Near infrared cameras
Thermal cameras
Radar sensor
Biometric sensors
Sensor data fusion
Artificial Intelligence